Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Butcher

The blade plunged deeply into the muscle and ran its full length in one supple movement. The slice was perfectly controlled. The lifeless head hit the ground with a heavy thud. I frowned. Sounded like a good head.
"That's a good one."
I turned towards the voice to see her smiling at me. I smiled back and nodded. If anyone knew what a good head sounded like, it would be Ada. Our Cutlass.
I carried the head and placed it gently into the bowl with others. This one would fetch us a good price. Ada came over and stood behind me. I knew what she wanted. With another deft movement, I sliced out the tongue and gave it to her. She smiled as she threw it in her mouth, and chewed with relish. "Nothing like the feel of good tongue against tongue" she said, and looked at our rams for emphasis. Their screams resumed afresh. I sighed, turned and continued with my work.

 I have worked here for as long as i can remember. Actually, I was brought here as a ram. Unlike these silly ones who come here and scream till they die, I sat still and pondered on my current condition. I remembered stories Akin used to tell us back then in secondary school, about One-chance buses and the like. Never would I have thought that I would have first hand experience. I looked on and watched the grotesquely obese woman wielding the bloody cutlass, chopping off heads and selecting choice body parts to be sold. I looked at the cutlass, and slowly, the idea came to me. I heard my mother's voice saying that popular quote- "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade." When my turn came to be slaughtered, i gently held her hand and whispered, for my dear life. "Let me help you, please. I would kill for you. Please, let me."
And let me she did. I became a very skilled butcher, second to only The Cutlass herself.

The guard lions growled and I lifted my head from my reverie, just in time to see our 'shepherds' walk in. From the smiles on their face, i wondered if they had made a good catch. I didn't have to ponder too long, as the heavy footfalls of twenty or so people filled the entrance of the cove. I drew in a deep breath as they were dragged in and reveled in the smell of fresh blood...and i sniffed out an especially potent one. No kidding. A Christian?? I peered through the screaming newcomers and saw him. Ah, a true Christian. I smiled. Today was indeed a good day.

 One man suddenly screamed loudly and ran towards a woman, one scrawny little ram that had been kept alive in hope that she would gain some fat before she was killed. "Oh my God! Folake!! FOLAKE??! Is this where you have been??" Oh no, she's been in your father's bedroom. I chuckled at my own joke.

"Shut up!!" Ada bellowed, as she walked briskly to the errant male and bestowed a heavy slap on his face. Instantly, he fell dead, and was dragged towards the lions. That should take care of dinner today and tomorrow. Folake looked on, with her glassy eyes, as if nothing had happened. Being here this long had drained her of feelings and rational thought, she was a living dead now. "And you, sit down!" Ada turned, now facing the newcomers who had joined The Christian to pray, and were now egging him on with 'Amin's'. "Gbe enu saun! Idiots!! Why didnt you belt your gbaduras before you came here?? Shut up I say!!" This had its effect on the witless little things, and they began to whimper and weep silently. Unperturbed, I cleared my throat as i made my request.This was going to be special. "Bring the mad one over there shouting with the bible." Ada turned and shook her head in wonder. "A true Christian. Today is indeed a good day." I smiled.

I may just eat this one tongue.


  1. Wow..my fingers fail me. How you're able to tell the story from two sides (You and errm, ada..lol) is pretty nice.

    Enjoyed it.

  2. Finally, I can comment..what can I say that I haven't already? I'm UberProud of you dear..keep 'em coming. Deep post, beautiful work of art..

  3. I'm not even sure what to say or how to say what it is I want to say if I eventually figure it out.

    I think I can taste the blood from the tongue.

  4. Interesting... I love stories like these. :)
    Is there gonna be a continuation though? There. Better be o!
    Good job babe.

  5. *Insert eerie movie soundtrack here* Nice.

  6. @ Cap- A sequel? that would just spoil the story...i mean, i'm not going to give it a nollywood ending, and i dont know any other endings...
    @Dania, K, ThinkTank and Venom...thanks :D. Im glad you found it worth your time.

  7. Very bloody story. Lol. I'm still trying to figure out if the "man-eaters" are humans or lions. The story has definitely piqued my curiosity.

  8. This looks familiar... Facebook? I wish I could write like this... you know, tell a story & actually describe events with such attention to detail that one can virtually "see" what is going on. *Thumbs up*

  9. Yes Esso...i wrote on Fb before...hehe thank you

    @Jaycee Lol the man-eaters are actual lions...the only real animals in the story. They are there to guard the place...