Thursday, March 24, 2011

New Kid On the Block

The other day, someone on Twitter said;

"Everyone and their two dogs now has a blog!"

Now, the problem with that statement was, she sounded like she had a problem with it. I should too, except I remember advocating for something called the freedom of speech and expression. As a kid, I used to really wish I could share my thoughts with everyone, and honestly, I had the seed idea of starting a website just like these blog spots when I was about ten years old. You think I’m lying? Let me tell you a story.

When I was 5 years old, I had this really pretty dress. It was hand sewn by my mother, and I don’t know who loved it more between the both of us. You know all those cloths that when they brought it out of the closet, you knew it was a special day? You start thinking Amusement Park or school party? Yes, you get the idea. Well, it was one of those cloths.
One day, I begged my house maid (Aunty Nkiru, as we called her then, them no born us well to call housemaid housemaid) to let me wear it. My favorite cousin was coming to visit, and I thought she was the coolest person ever to walk on the face of the planet. Aunty Nkiru hesitated for a bit, but she understood; she too she had a ‘crush’ on Sister Stella. So that’s how I wore the dress without my mother’s permission.

In my house, there is this saying. If you get liver to disobey mummy, you gast find liver to chop the after-bulala. We found out later (very very late sha) that every time we went against our mother’s rule, something bad happened. In this case, it was something disastrous. Somehow somehow, I tore that dress that day, and no be say na small tin, at all o. It had to be a big, big, irreparable rip. Mehn, 1 was devastated.

In my distress, I tried everything possible to mend the dress. What didn’t I use? Glue? Cello tape? Spit? Everything a five year old could think of. I couldn’t go meet the house girl, that one was a confirmed tattle tale, she would tell mummy. In vain I searched and searched, until it occurred to me to do the only thing I knew best. I ran to the library, and after hours and hours of searching frantically, I sat down to the painful realization that there were no (child) books on ‘How to Mend a Tear.’

Then, and only then, did I start to cry. The hopelessness of the situation overwhelmed me. I felt even worse because, if there were no books, it meant I was probably the worst behaved child out there, since no one ever found a reason to write one. After crying, I shook off my misery and decided to accept my fate. My mother was going to find out anyway, I better save some tears for later. However, there was no way I was going to be caught in this position again. I picked up a pen and an empty 20 leaves book, and started writing a solutions/instruction manual on every bad thing that could possibly happen to young girls out there. That’s where my mother found me when she finally got back. Anyway, you guessed right, I didn’t get a beating eventually. She had a sewing machine.

What’s my point??

Aside from emphasizing my early love for reading/writing, I’m trying to say that, everyone and anyone who has a good command of English language should please have a blog. Express yourself. It does not matter if you don’t get too many followers after, or if your parents read and start wondering if you bought akara with the school fees money they gave you, just go ahead and do it. What do you have to lose? Most blogging websites are free. You never know who out there would appreciate your thoughts, would be motivated by it, would learn from it. You never know what seed you might be watering, what vine you might be lending a hand to lean on. Yours might be the post the future Obama may stumble on, the post a future Basket mouth might eventually discover to awaken his inner passion for comedy. I know many good bloggers now who were motivated by someone who took out time and courage to write their thoughts down, my friend @Kevinwithanl can testify to this. Besides, the constant writing would definitely develop your writing skills, and instill the discipline of delivering works well within deadline, something every working individual needs. So, like John Meyer says, go ahead! Say what you need to say!

Now, with that being said, please say hello to the newest blogger on the block. Ki lon pops!!!! Ada kan, Ayeblogsvilli kan!!!!

Hehehe, yes i know. I'm a confaamed razzite.

Please accept my deepest gratitude for having read thus far. Eez a long tin, I know.

Before I go, let me give a brief introduction, so that you know what to expect. I am that kid who read Shakespeare’s Complete Works three times before I reached age 9, that kid that loved the critical analysis section in the S.A.Ts, that kid that read all the required literature texts in high school two years before it was due. My name is Ada Arinze, A.A for short, and I am a chronic literature lover. (Hi A.A!). Please o, I’m not a freak, I have other interests too, like drawing, baking, and swimming, so don’t be scared.  Most of my future blog posts would be stories, stories that I think are funny, interesting, sometimes inspiring, at all times original. At least, seventy percent of it all would be stories. The other thirty percent could be anything- rants, videos, anything sha. Don’t hold my words accountable yet. I may have a change of heart as we trudge along. 

Alright, you’re free to go. Thank you once again J



  1. Looool!!! "If you get liver to disobey mummy, you gast find liver to chop the after-bulala".

  2. Nice one Ada!!! Follow me

  3. Nice one Slim...I've really been inspired to write my own stuff..
    Looking forward to your other posts.

  4. Lol Omolola, thats really how it was o...her jazz toh kwaliti!

    Aunty Debbie, its a done deal :). Thanks

  5. Thanks Evie!! My work has been done! lol

  6. ...absolutely creative, you've got the mind of a best selling author or top copy writer. Very well done!

  7. I'm sha very very excited. Even the literary command of your first go fear o.

    Love ya!

  8. I can't believe you actually went to the lib to find a book about mending clothes. Smh. You must really love reading o! I like.

  9. lol i did o! but that was then the times of no google..

    @Jaycee :D im excited too! hopefully i dont disappoint you guys. Thanks for checking in

    @Paul, your comment warms my heart. Thanks a lot

  10. nice. very impressed. dis might just be d needed ginger i nid 2 do sometin wit my

  11. LOL! hahahahahahahahaha @ using spit to try and mend the dress. totally LOVED the post. with your offer of about 70% original pieces, I'm definitely going to be a regular. I get tired of blogs that are filled with rants/opinion seeking posts. I mean there is nothing wrong with playing a little Ludo with my mind once in a while. Really lovely first post. Since you love reading, stop by my stand someday...... ......ChEeRs!!!! :)

  12. I've also wanted to "put my thoughts in writing". You just inspired me to put in more work on my bloggin'. Looking forward to your other posts.

  13. haha. It was funny seeing my tweet quoted, like "hey, i said that".