Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Jumping Ship...


Today, i have good news....and bad news. Of course, you want the bad news first.

Bad news: This is it, folks. My relationship with blogger was beautiful, but short lived. Due to reasons beyond my control, I would have to jump ship. Don't cry, don't cry...all will be well...*sniff*

GOOD NEWS- I have moved to WordPress! Yay!! C'mon, you thought I was leaving for good? You wish, I never even start with una. So, to my fellow beautiful blogger folks that convinced me to take the plunge, yes, yes, I have succumbed. You can rejoice now, for wordpress it shall be.

The website, same.. -

What does this mean for you? Shorter posts intervals, bigger fonts (for all ye blind folks hehe)  and easier commenting. Sounds like fun, eh?

But then again, I can make anything sound like fun. Teehee... :D *wink*


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